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Trylon Architects blends creative excellence and process innovation to deliver smart, responsive, highly marketable design. As practical idealists, we’re sensitive to program and budget, respond creatively to site and context, but above all, we’re dedicated to fulfilling the private owner or developer’s vision with precision and ingenuity.

Under the leadership of Principal Ken Klebanoff, AIA, LEED AP, we specialize in architectural design, construction management and project management services. Mr. Klebanoff commands rich and varied professional talents, having managed complex, multiphase projects from concept to completion, working collaboratively with a wide range of allied building professionals, or acting as a sole practitioner guiding small business owners and entrepreneurs approaching the design and construction process for the first time. Intuitive and analytical, Klebanoff is the rare architect who thinks like a developer. He is exceptionally process-oriented, yet each process is strategically focused on the unique interests of his clients.

“It’s not enough to have good management skills or a solid methodology, the end result must also surprise and delight the senses, “ he says. “I surprise my clients by delivering something beyond what they’ve imagined, but I do it through this controlled process where all schedule, budget and program expectations are met.”

Comfortable working across markets and product types, Klebanoff and his partners are skilled at managing large commercial projects, but also take on smaller commissions where the owner’s uniquely personal ambitions, rather than speculative interests, drive the end-result.

“Giving life and shape to the client’s dream, while finding innovative ways to work it into the budget, is a particular strength of ours,” Klebanoff says. “Practical needs and constraints often fuel a fresh approach.”

Whether reducing time to market in the project management arena, or designing new life into an existing corporate office, at Trylon we’re intent on creating innovative outcomes for and with our clients and collaborative partners.

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